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Are you the quick and dexterous Monk? Or are you the party tank like the Brute? Enter the Character Forge, choose your class, test your stats and join a community of Heroes on a Campaign to Level-Up your life.


The Disciple. For you, this goes beyond skill. You want mastery of body & mind and you need disciplined, focused workouts to get there.


The Professional. You live to battle on every fitness front. Strength, speed, balance; you want it all. You could do this all day.


The Tank. Every party needs one. You are the shield and the sword. You want mountains of muscle and barbarian quality strength.

Train With Us

Meet your FitAF Game Masters Coach Adam & Coach Anthony!

Facebook: Adam Chevalier
Instagram: Adam_DSBuddha
Discord: DrillSGTBuddha
PSN: DrillSGTBuddha

Coach Adam

Ho friendly folk!

My name is Adam Chevalier, my quest for better fitness and nutrition began in 2010 when I felt myself feeling less than “heroic”. Having not been the sports type growing up, I had to start at the beginning slowly working my way towards a body (and mind) I felt capable in.

I achieved, and continue to achieve this goal by giving myself a story of “why”. Having an Avatar of who I want to be, a character I can “play” is the motivation I use to champion through arduous workouts.

In my regular day to day, I am a Nutrition and Strength Coach at a local gym here in Omaha, Nebraska. As well as an Army Officer in the Nebraska National Guard.

I look forward to being an Ally in your campaign to achieving HEROIC levels of fitness!

Facebook: Anthony Tomasso
Instagram: TomassoMan01
Discord: FAF_TheTickler
PSN: FAF_TheTickler

Coach Anthony

     Hey there all you adventurers! I have been training upcoming heroes in the barracks of iron for over 8 years. My path in fitness all started in high school with powerlifting for football. Over time my wants and needs have changed through many methodologies, such as distance running, strong man, and finally settling into more of the functional fitness space, adopting aspects from all of my previous fitness interests.

    I have been inspired all my life by the games I play; overcoming obstacles and building resiliency from failure.  My goal has always been to grow faster and stronger like the virtual characters I delve into. To be the one your group rallies around all Cloud Strife-like and to keep progressing through adversity.

     I think this journey all starts with mastering yourself, both physically and mentally; strengthen the body to strengthen the mind. It has been my life’s passion to help others down this path. I live for this because I believe that we can all be heroes.

Facebook: Anthony Tomasso
Instagram: TomassoMan01
Discord: FAF_TheTickler
PSN: FAF_TheTickler


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