Erosion, or as most other humans would call it, consistency! I feel this is one, if not the strongest asset any one person can have when trying to make a change. It alludes to your success in most things in life. Think about it; if everything came easy, would you feel accomplished? I feel consistency is where all the growth happens. People tend to forget the time in between from where they’ve started, to where they are when they’ve reached their end goal. That grind (erosion) in between those two points is what breaks you down and changes you from who you currently are, to who you are going to be at the end. Consistent work in athletics will shape your body like a statue from stone. Consistent nutrition will fuel you to achieve and recover from the work you put in. All in all, erosion (sounds more badass than consistency haha) is the skill that when mastered, will translate to help in all other aspects of your life. Through that consistency with yourself you will be able to apply it to work, hobbies, relationships, the list goes on. It builds that tenacity to be uncomfortable until it becomes second nature; and once you’ve built up that tolerance, the hunger to seek out more discomfort will grow within you. Sure, you’re going to fall off every now and then. The important thing is to let it happen, tell yourself it’s fine, then get back on the tracks. Look to the Colorado river. It slowly eroded the stone, consistently carving through to its goal. The span of time in between where it began and where it ended is one of remarkable beauty. Be like a river, erode the stone. Appreciate the work and process, stay the course, and the end result will be just another beginning.