My best friend: Caffeine

Between gaming, training clients in the gym and developing smoking hot content for The Fit AF (and all myriad other responsibilities in life) I get fatigued. Like, barely see the last little notch in my health bar kind of fatigued. 

Some days get rough.

But, like 90% of Americans (f*** yeah!), I consume some (several really) form of caffeine. Coffee in the morning between 5 and 6AM, an energy drink (healthy kinds, ask me in the Facebook group about them) sometime close to 10AM, and a special type of caffeine right after noon: 


What is Di-Caffeine Malate?

First, there are different forms of caffeine. Natural caffeine found in coffee and tea is just that, standard caffeine. Synthetic caffeine (probably made in a top secret evil lab) is in fact identical to natural caffeine and is found in most of your typical soda’s and energy drinks. (we prefer the natural sources due to the abundance of additives in most soda’s and energy drinks).

They even have the same benefits:

  • Increased endurance output (good for workouts)
  • Increased focus & energy (the obvious one)
  • Clears feelings of fatigue (the other obvious one)
  • Increased fat oxidation (woohoo!)
  • Appetite suppression (awesome for diet adherance)

But some types of caffeine are created with additional molecules attached to them. 

In the case of Di-Caffeine Malate, 3 caffeine molecules are attached to malic acid molecules, making a whole new compound whose super comic book-y patent name is:

Dun dun dun!  INFINERGY RGY.. Rgy.. rgy…

…at this point, you may be asking: “why is this different from standard caffeine?”

Di-Caffeine Malate’s super-power: Energy Longevity with ZERO CRASH

All those benefits listed above?…

..Imagine having them for a much longer duration..

 ..without the caffeine jitters most people who don’t consume (or do and just deal with) could live without..

 ..aaannnndd without the crash!


The addition of malic acid to caffeine increases its half-life, meaning it is processed and degrades at a much slower rate in the body. So all day you get a steady, appetite suppressing, focused energy that doesn’t feel like mania. 

This is actually one of the best ways to avoid the 2pm urge for a nap most of us are accustomed to. Brought on in large part by your caffeine crash (as well as your insulin crash from lunch but that’s another blog post).

How much should I take and when?

It’s hard to recommend how much to take, heck where do you even get it? I like this product here since it hydrates (to the tune of a full IV bag) along with the caffeine. It contains 200mg of Di-Caffeine Malate, but remember, only 75% of that is actually caffeine due to the addition of a malic acid molecule. That means you are only really getting 150mg of caffeine. 

If this is too big a dose for you, or you want to experiment with its effects (generally milder than regular caffeine), then try taking a half dose. Also, pair it with L-Theanine which we talked about in our last Performance Power-Up blog post here.

What about timing?

Some people can get away with caffeine around dinner time and still crash at bedtime. Probably less likely with this type of caffeine. I am going to recommend taking it morning or very early afternoon at the latest. At least 8 hours before bedtime with no other caffeine following.

Alright, that’s all for Di-Caffeine Malate folks!

If you have any questions about Di-Caffeine Malate feel free to leave them in the comments below or check out our Facebook page where we are very active in answering questions for you.

Look forward to more Performance Power-Ups we use to own our workouts, our gaming time and our life overall…

..but first..

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